Janis Roze Ltd.

The company Janis Roze was established in 1914 by Janis Roze (1878–1942) who became one of the best-known Latvian publishers of the beginning of the 20th century. His initial business was stamp manufacturing, different kinds of printing work and retailing of stationery products. In 1918 J. Roze founded a publishing house, and soon after that he opened a bookshop. Under his supervision, over 850 titles with a total print run of more than 2 million copies were published.

The successful development was interrupted in 1940 when the Soviet Union occupied Latvia, and the company Janis Roze was nationalized. In June 1941, the publisher and his family were exiled to Siberia. J. Roze died of starvation in a concentration camp in Solikamsk in May 1942.

The bookshop has been located at 3/5 K. Barona street all these years. In 1988, it got back the name of Janis Roze. In 1992, soon after Latvia regained the independence, the Janis Roze company was denationalized, and the rebirth of the company started.

The new company Janis Roze Ltd. was growing fast. In the middle of the 1990’s it became one of the largest book and stationery retailers in the country. In 1997, Janis Roze Ltd. resumed the publishing business and followed the traditions of high quality and good taste established by J. Roze. Janis Roze Ltd. started direct cooperation with foreign publishers and stationery manufacturers to extend the range of goods in its bookshops. In 2000, wholesale business was launched, and retailers from all over the country were supplied with books, stationery products, and season decorations. In December 2001, with an aim to optimize publishing business Janis Roze Ltd. decided to separate it by establishing the company Janis Roze Publishers Ltd.

Currently, Janis Roze Ltd. has 33 bookshops that are located in the most attractive trading areas (see our shops) and a wholesale office which basically serves bookshops and supermarkets (see wholesale office).

In bookshops of Janis Roze Ltd. one can find a wide range of books in Latvian and also in English, German, French, Russian and other languages by more than 100 foreign publishers (see our partners) as well as stationery imported directly from manufacturers in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom, and other countries (see our partners).