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Dying To Tell
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Bar code9780552148771
AuthorGoddard Robert
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Page count416
Dying To Tell

Set in Glastonbury, Goddard's deliciously convoluted mystery Dying to Tell introduces us to Lance Bradley, leading an uneventful, indolent life in Somerset until he receives a plea for help from the sister of an old friend. The friend, Rupert Alder, has terminated the allowances to his feckless siblings, and Bradley agrees to track Rupert down to find the reason for his actions. But in London, Bradley finds that Alder has disappeared, and his employers (a prestigious shipping company) believe him to be the perpetrator of a major fraud. An American by the name of Townley has, it seems, hired a private eye to find Rupert, only to be neutralised by powerful interests. And there's the Japanese businessman who claims Rupert has stolen an important document... As Bradley gets closer to the centre of an arcane mystery, he finds that the year 1963 (in which Bradley was born) holds the key to a series of bizarre puzzles.

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